Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes...

My mini adventure for the last two weeks has involved fighting tooth and nail to get registered at UTEP. Three trips to the financial aid office, one student orientation, and camping out at the admissions office until they physically entered my transcripts and I can now happily proclaim that I am OFFICIALLY registered at UTEP.

While it has been a long drawn out, sometimes unnecessary process, the experience has taught me a great lesson. And of course I'm going to share my acquired knowledge with my loyal loving fanbase. Here's for you mom, lol.

1. Give yourself as much advance time as possible. The unforseeable might happen, so just plan for it to occur. While I started my progress to becoming a student at UTEP about 3 months ago, it still left me fretting and worrying about everything falling into place in time.

2. FIGHT! I wasn't originally offered the UTEP Promise, but I knew I qualified. I went to the financial aid office and requested an appeal of sorts to ensure that I was offered the aid I was intended to receive. When my transcripts weren't moving fast enough, within their allotted timeframe, I went and sat in a chair and politely informed the clerk I wasn't moving until I had my transcripts downloaded and processed. No One is going to fight for your cause if you won't.

3. Remain patient. This especially applies for the last few remaining weeks/days/seconds before the school bells ring. The helpful admissions/clerks/financial aid employees, work incredibly hard to keep the ball rolling. They could use alot more smiling, friendly faces than they probably receive.

4. This is your future school, don't burn any bridges. Park in areas designated for visitors, avoid losing your temper, play nicely with others. You know the drill. Don't let a bad reputation precede you into your classes.

5. Share whatever information you acquire with anyone about to start the process. Direct people where to go and inform them of any hardships you experience. Preparing the next generation of students by informing them of any papers they might need to bring with them to admissions will help speed up their process (and everyone elses involved) and can be your good deed for the day.

All in all this semester will cost the price of two textbooks, parking, and losing 8 hours at the office a week. I'm more than a happy Miner right now.


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