I wish that I had a better grasp of money when I was younger. Before Christmas I would circle all the items out of the Toys R' Us circular. I was never disappointed come Christmas Day, as I'd forgotten everything I circled and I knew Santa was looking out for me. I'd see those toys again later and I would want them immediately. As I got old enough to plead for what I wanted, I always promised I'd pay my mom back if she just bought me that CD I had to have--lest I should die. But I never paid her back and that bothers me today.

But fear not! There is a place to go to get helpful advice, play games, and instill a sense of saving in your children! promotes healthy spending and saving habits in a childfriendly, flash game infused environment. You can play as a guest to test out the site before sending your children to do some extracurricular homework. I think it's a fabulous idea and you know, for the sake of research, I'll have to spend a couple days playing over there. :)


Sarah said...

That will be a great site for parents. I know when I was younger, I always wanted something too(I also used to love the Toys R' Us big wish book)however we almost never had the money to do that :(

Great blog, by the way!

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