You can't reinvent yourself overnight

No matter how much I try every night before I go to sleep and no matter how early I set my alarm clock, I will inevitably snooze it at least three times in the morning. If ever I have to get up earlier, I will myself awake and get moving. Its just how I am. My routine and I'm comfortably uncomfortable with it. I know I should wake up earlier and hit the gym before work. I know that I should attempt at eating breakfast. But knowing and doing are too separate things.

So, like my morning battles, reinventing the way you handle your money is going to be equally as difficult. Over the course of the year I have had varied perceptions about money. Initially it was, gimme gimme gimme, buy buy buy, regret regret regret. After I'd thrown myself headfirst into tackling money it was more of a gimme gimme gimme, save save save, treat treat treat, regret regret regret. Now I'm in a place comfortably where I receive my paycheck, divide the portions, resist the urge to spend, and plan for my next payperiod.

Is it a fun process? Not precisely, but I'm working towards something and thats always challenging enough to provide some form of entertainment.
Is it a rewarding process? I enjoy paying down my debt, I enjoy saving towards a goal, but i do miss out on a lot that i have sacrificed.
Is it working? You bet your bottom!

What helped me transition towards a different perspective, was answering the simple question: What do I want from my money? What am I trying to accomplish?

After I figured the direction I wanted to go it was just babysteps in that generation direction. I veered off course a few times, but I'm back on track and loving the journey.

You can do this too! If you have debt and you're sick of being a slave to your finances, well now is the time to really buckle down. Figure out what you want to do, what you want to change, how you're going to do it and start.

I'll help with whatever information or advice I can. Between the two of us we'll have enough motivation to see us through. I got your back, homes.


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