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When it comes to travelling and planning a vacation, the most important thing to do is to give yourself adequate time to prepare yourself. Save money, plan your trip, organize your life for when you are away, and request time off from work or school. All of these things require weeks if not months of preparation.

Research, research, research. Do it online and discuss it with other travelers. For inspiration, go to websites to browse travel photos, journals and videos posted by real people sharing their experiences. Southwest Travel has great things to do in all of the cities that Southwest stops in. Written by travellers for travellers.

Be prepared for certain situations. Planning ahead for things that could possibly happen will make the trip a whole lot smoother. Decide on a schedule for what each person wants to do along the way. Gather the family together and discuss what you had in mind. Be prepared for arguments. Everyone must be willing to compromise.

Find a pet-sitter ahead of time if you own any animals that can't come along. If you decide to bring any, you must remember that they can't go inside restaurants or hotels, and they will have to make bathroom breaks as well. It's best to leave them at home. Put your pets into detail for the sitter and leave them with your phone number in case they have any questions while you're gone that you forgot to cover.

If it's a family vacation and you're traveling by vehicle (for a long time), bring stuff to keep everyone entertained and comfortable. AAA Fuel Cost Calculator will tell you what to expect from your vehicle when making the journey.

Estimate the total cost of your vacation. Be sure to include restraunts (food & drink per person each day), gas for the vehicle to get there, back, and to places nearby where you'll be staying, hotel rooms per night, and any other activities that you plan on doing. (Swimming, the zoo, etc.) Holiday Travel Calculator is brilliant for calculating the total cost of your trip, including lodging, food, transportation, etc.

If the trip seems a bit pricey, you may want to consider looking for discounts. You can normally find accommodation and travel discounts online. While you're at the site, they can also help plan your trip.

Work around the price. Normally if you're visiting family in another state, you can stay at one of their houses overnight (if there's enough room for everyone). (Free showers, food, television, and bed!)

As with anything: Planning=Savings.


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