You may have noticed a couple of changes. The largest one being the domain name! Okay that might be a little pig-headed of me. Of course the layout has changed as well, although I'm not sure its exactly what I want so I'll most likely change that as well. In the interim you will notice also the addition of radio boxes at the end of my posts that say funny, interesting and cool. Please check one of the boxes that fits the mood for the post and if you're daring enough please comment on any future or past entries.

I'm very excited in the direction that the site is headed in and I hope you are too. For any and all your financial questions, you can contact me at Krystal@isaveyousave.org.

Thanks for your continued support and look out for more posts from me! :)



sandy said...

you need to add a "weird" box, that way I can check it all the time ;)

Krystal said...

You need to buy the domain me.me so I can be your drew. :P

sandy said...


Krystal said...

Drew Carrey... MiMi... *sigh* I thought it was funny. :P

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