How can I help?

I find that when I am busy I tend to spend less money. I'm not sure if that is true for other people or maybe I'm one of a kind, special, like my mom tried to convince me of when I was in elementary school and beyond.

So finding myself back in school helps alot. Can't spend money if I'm in class. Working all day helps as well, did you catch the part where I've stopped buying out for lunch? :)

But weekends aren't easy. Sleeping in really helps curb spending, lol. But I figure I have free time, I should get out there and volunteer my time. I'll feel great for helping others as well as be physically unable to spend any money. I know it sounds drastic, maybe even borderline pathetic, but I'm a recovering debtaholic and I'm sure in the 12 step program somewhere there is advice on how to curb temptation. I'd imagine that step is avoid situations where spending money would be involved.

Plus what better way to spend one's time than by helping some one else?

So I decided to look into it. Found a good website that has postings for local and national volunteer openings.

A few I found interesting:
Help at the USO
Mentor a child
Help Animals

I'm not sure which one I'm going to jump into, but I'm really excited about these opportunities and hope that you'll look into volunteering and sharing with organizations in your community.


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