What to do when shopping...

I went to the outlet mall this weekend with friends and I felt I could fit a little treat into my budget. I withdrew twenty dollars from the atm and being savvy and sly left my debit card in the car to avoid temptations.

After buying a pair of new shoes for five dollars and a few pieces of jewelry I realized that this whole budgeted shopping experience was equally as fun as shopping with reckless abandon!

That is until I stepped into another costume jewelry store... and noticed the sale... 10 for $10...

I'm a sucker for cheap flashy jewelry. *eyes wad of cash and coins* Nope not $10. But I'd have to buy 10 items in order to get a decent sale on anything... Instead of asking my friends to spot me a few bucks I contemplate running out to my car to get my debit card. I resist the urge and was just about to give up on my purchase entirely before my hand instinctively found the checkbook in my purse.

Moral: You plan and you budget and you make decisions for a reason! Stick to them and avoid temptation. I now have 10 items that I got at a costume jewelry store, but I'd much rather be able to blog about willpower and self-control today.


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