March is marching in!

February is over and done with and boy did it end on a different note than I thought it would. But I'm going to continue gaining speed in March!

1. Money=Time. I'm going to try harder to equate my money to the hours that I work. Example: Mmmmmm Burger King Veggie Burger... $2.59? Thats about 20 minutes of work at the office? Is it worth it... Mmmmmm pizza.... $14.67? Thats more than an hours pay.. NO WAY!
2. Followup with scholarship apps and continue searching!
3. Boost my savings! I definitely feel like this area of my plan is slacking a bit. But luckily I will have more room to pump it up this month.
4. Revamp my plan. My snowball effect has changed slightly so I will need to redistribute my fundages. :)

March is going to be a great month! I'm excited to start saving and I hope you'll stick to it and save with me!

Wishing you all the best.


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