Status update...

When it comes to my plan for the year, I feel its a very amiable approach to annihilating my debt, saving for college and getting myself back on my feet.

That being said... I'm not doing so hot. At least, thats the way I look at it. Not succeeded 100% on my plan is the equivalent of epic failure. Its just the way I see the world around me. Like Ricky Bobby's dad in Taladega Nights, If you're not first, you're last. Sure that might not make sense, but my drive to be the best is unrivaled. And when I fall short, I must not have tried hard enough.

I had eight envelopes that needed to go out last month... I sent out seven. Completely knocked out two debts from my credit report. Sent off over $700 to my debtors. Sold my laptop for almost $200 and I am in the process of selling my old textbooks on craigslist and around campus. I have successfully met my savings goals each week of January and managed to cut down on my spending significantly. I keep track of every purchase in a register and a receipt journal.

But that one envelope… It will haunt me in my sleep.

Maybe an opportunity to revamp my strategy and try and get February to work in my favor.

1. Apply for more scholarships- This is the College Edition savings challenge. Getting money for school is what its all about.
2. Bills before thrills- While I didn’t have excessive spending last month, I need to make it a habit to send out the envelopes on their scheduled days. Getting my bills paid before I play, taking things more seriously, and being responsible are only positive characteristics I could extend to my challenge.
3. Learn your lesson- There is little to no-point in recording my receipts in my journal if I don’t take a moment every so often to learn from past mistakes.
4. Fun does not mean spending- Need to put my creative noggin to work and see if I can’t fabricate ingenious ways to save money and have a blast.
5. NO BUY DAYS- I want at least two of these a week. Maybe I should strive for everyday? I’d miss it more than I’d hit it, but I’d hit it more often than I am now. Everyday is a conscious spending adventure. I need to tame the beast! Hehe

But more importantly, I need to lighten up on myself. There is still some fun to be had in this competition, and it ain’t over yet!


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