America Saves Week

Next week is America Saves Week. Feb. 22-March 2!

This is a great time to break out your budget and see just how much you can save for that week. And once you've proven to yourself just how awesome you are at saving, carry the savings ambitions onwards!

When making a purchase, ANY purchase, make sure you are shopping smart.
* Smart spending starts with managing expenses, and the best way to properly manage your money is by creating a spending plan.
* Use coupons for as much as possible. Keep them in your car! You'll want these on you when you make emergency or unscheduled stops. And don't forget to look for fast food coupons! I'm sure even Chico's has them! ;)
* Research prices before making any purchase, especially large items. This will help you find discounts, rebates, and coupons. Salescircular has the price comparison for you!
* Become informed about the product.
* Read the fine print on offers.
* Avoid impulse buying as much as possible.
* Remember, you generally pay a price for convenience. It might be worth driving a few extra miles or waiting a few more minutes.
* Getting the lowest price is not always the smartest thing to do if you get poor quality.
* Paying the highest price does not always guarantee best quality.
* Don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price, and ask if you can have a discount for paying with cash instead of credit.
* Think in terms of quality over quantity.
* Brown bag your lunch to the office, at least a few times each week (have the kids do the same thing for school a couple days a week)
* Rent a movie instead of taking the whole family out to a theater
* Carpool or consolidate errands to cut down on extra gasoline expenses; when you do buy gas, do it in the middle of the week and at a gas station that has competition close by
* Stock up at holiday and back-to-school sales for things you know your kids and family will need
* Use email for long distance communication instead of the phone
* Swap babysitting nights with family or friends
* Use a shopping list when at the store; do not deviate from your list whenever possible
* Keep your eye on the register when checking out at stores, purchases can easily be rung up wrong

And if you're looking for that perfect budget worksheet, This is a great PDF for you!.


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