America Saves... DAY 3!

Using the internet is fun.
Saving money is fun.
Therefore using the internet to save money is fun.

There's truth to that statement and I'm here to prove it to you.

The internet is not just for myspace, facebook and twitter, its also for checking your online bank and credit union account statements. The first place to start on your savings adventure is to take note of how much you have saved already. If you have zero dollars in saving, well then you know you need to take a look at your spending habits. If you have a fairly decent amount in your account already, finding ways to boost your savings still is a great way to stay prepared for anything. If you don't have a savings account, picture me slapping you on the forehead right now, "Should of had a V8". :) Go now. Talk to your financial advisor at your institution of finance and get yourself set up with a savings account! May I suggest GECU? :)

So now that you know where you stand savings wise, lets see what we can take care of on the internet to give your savings a jumpstart. First, set a goal. Any goal. Make it tangible, realistic, and accessible. Something you can achieve, if you work at it, but something that is actually possible. You got it? Okay write it down. That number is what you're going to work at. Now set a deadline for your goal. One week? One Month? The rest of the year? Whatever it is, make sure you give yourself a realistic amount of time to accomplish your savings goal. Got your deadline? Write it down too. Now step on over here to calculate how much you'll have to save between now and then to meet your savings goal. This site breaks it down on a monthly basis.

So now you have your goal, your deadline, and if you entered in the correct information you know how much you have to save each year/month/week/day to reach that goal. So lets see how we can start saving on the internet:

*Need to purchase something? Let Sales Circular help. They have information on top brands and stores and compare the sales prices by location to help save money, gas and time! Call before you journey out, to ensure that sales price is valid and that they have the item in stock.

*Utilize Google Maps to map out your drive before you venture out of the driveway to ensure you're not spending more time than necessary in the car. And for optimized walking or jogging routes, they also have a radio option to switch to routes by walking.

*Why buy new when you can by used? You know where to look, this is beating the old drum, but its such a valuable asset to invest your time into. Ebay, Good Will, Craigslist all carry items that are new-used at cheaper prices than you can buy at the stores. Just use your noggin and shop smart!

*Need work done on your house? Could you possibly do it yourself? DIY can save you a bundle! And for the simple cost of materials and rental tools (if necessary) you can have the job done. Oh and don't forget to budget in a case of beer and a few pizzas as bribe money to get your friends to help. There are a bunch of DIY websites to help you get the job done. A personal favorite

*Look into how much you could save by switching your utilities. uSwitch offers comparisons on your basic utilities. But like anything on the internet, do your research before you jump into anything.

*For the love of all that is covered in chocolate print out a budget form! This simple form can help you realize where you're overspending and how you can trim fixed costs to save even more.

There are more ways to save out there and rest assured I'll bring them to you!


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