I have a laptop. Well, I guess I shouldn't call it that. It's more of a giant paperweight. It stopped working about 2 years ago. And I've decided to finally do something about it. I've posted it on ebay! heh.

I don't have the time nor the funds necessary to get the parts and get it fixed. Its an Alienware Area 51m laptop and it has some serious mo-bo or processing issues and what do you know it's out of warranty. So instead of having this dusty paperweight taking up room in my closet, I posted it! Check it out here

I've never done a weekend blog before, so you've caught me out of my element. But while I was digging into the closet for the laptop I noticed just how much junk I do have. Maybe I'll cart it all over to my boyfriend's house for his garage sale and make some extra money that way.

Every little bit helps and I'm finally seeing the truth in that.


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