No buy day!


I have been trying for a week to have one day where I just don't buy anything. Don't spend a dollar, a dime or a penny.

It happened yesterday. Cards fell into the right places and I found myself falling asleep last night after having had breakfast, lunch, dinner, a few cigarettes (thank goodness I'm quitting today *gulp*) attending a party with food and drink and not missing out on anything. Really was quite rewarding.

That's another one of my goals now. I just want to have a few days out of the month where I just don't buy anything.

Here's to that. And to you! :)
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I save, you save is brought to you in part by... me! Krystal! I'm 23 years old and I'm out to save some money. I'm participating in a savings challenge here in El Paso with a credit union, GECU. If I manage to achieve or exceed my goals for the year 2009, I will win the grand prize of 10,000 dollars! So help me out, by posting tips, links to helpful websites and ideas to help me save money! :)

Money might not by happiness, but not having to stress about money problems will make you a happier person.
Peace, love and a handful of pennies.


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