Let the New Year Begin!

Hello world!

I recently made a trip to Oklahoma City and the things that I saw when I was on Mulberry Street! Heh. It was a great trip and I managed to keep my spending under control and still have a great time. There was so much to see downtown and in Bricktown. I stopped by Outdoor World, the OKC Museum of art, the Mickey Mantle stadium, the Theater where they had outdoor ice skating, and the Oklahoma City Memorial which was a very enlightening experience. You can check out my pictures from my trip at my picasa web album http://picasaweb.google.com/dawnkhogan/OklahomaCity?authkey=32USytqm4s8&feat=directlink.

The greatest part about my mini-vacation was that I was out there doing something and feeling good about myself. Staying at home cooped up on the couch worrying about money isn't going to make me feel any better and it isn't going to challenge me. Given the opportunity to spend money but overcoming that and having the discipline to be able to make wise decisions was an incredible opportunity for me. I am truly blessed.
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I save, you save is brought to you in part by... me! Krystal! I'm 23 years old and I'm out to save some money. I'm participating in a savings challenge here in El Paso with a great credit union, GECU. If I manage to achieve or exceed my goals for the year 2009, I will win the grand prize of 10,000 dollars! So help me out, by posting tips, links to helpful websites and ideas to help me save money! :)

Peace, love and a handful of pennies.


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